Contoh Surat Resign yang Professional Notis 2 Minggu Awal Sebelum Berhenti Kerja

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Contoh Surat Resign yang Professional Notis 2 Minggu Awal Sebelum Berhenti Kerja

Contoh Surat Resign yang Professional Notis 2 Minggu Awal Sebelum Berhenti Kerja ini benar-benar bersifat positif. Ya, tiada unsur untuk mengampu tiada unsur bermanis mulut tetapi ianya memang untuk membina hubungan yang baik dengan majikan dan rakan-rakan kerja tempat anda bekerja sekarang sebelum meninggalkan mereka.

Perlu diingatkan bahawa ayat yang ditulis perlulah ringkas dan tidak perlu berjanji bulan dan bintang agar majikan dengan rela hati melepaskan anda pergi kepada tempat yang baru. Tetapi cukup anda nyatakan bahawa selepas notis ini dihantar anda akan berusaha untuk memastikan peralihan dan peninggalan anda ini segala kerja ditinggalkan dalam keadaan baik dan tersusun. Ini bagi memastikan mereka (pekerja baru) yang bakal menggantikan tempat anda akan dapat menyambung tugas anda dengan mudah dan tepat.

Sebenarnya, terdapat banyak cara dan contoh surat berhenti kerja yang anda boleh dapatkan di sini :

Namun begitu, untuk situasi dan sebab yang lebih tepat anda perlu buat pilihan sendiri. Ya, pilihan sendiri dimana surat berhenti kerja adalah mesti mengikut penggunaan dan sebab berhenti. Setiap orang punya alasan berbeza untuk berhenti jadi tidak patutlah sekiranya semua orang menggunakan surat berhenti kerja format dan penulisan yang sama. Oleh sebab itu, sebelum menghantar surat berhenti kerja untuk meletakkan jawatan pastikan anda lakukannya dengan betul.

Baiklah, mari kita terus dapatkan surat berhenti kerja itu. Walaupun di tulis dalam bahasa inggeris, diharap ianya membantu. Jika anda mencari versi bahasa melayu, anda boleh translate sendiri agar maksud ayat tidak lari sekiranya anda menggunakan online translator.


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Contoh Surat Resign yang Professional Notis 2 Minggu Awal Sebelum Berhenti Kerja

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Contoh Surat Resign yang Professional Notis 2 Minggu Awal Sebelum Berhenti Kerja ini adalah sekadar garis panduan yang mungkin boleh digunakan oleh anda semua ketika ingin berhenti kerja. Formatnya mungkin perlu diubah jika anda rasa ianya perlu.

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Submitting Your Resignation: Best Practices

Once you’ve negotiated your terms with your new employer and you’ve accepted the offer, it’s time to resign from your current position. This can be really stressful because you may likely feel nervous about the pending changes or perhaps you feel guilty for leaving your coworkers or boss in a potentially difficult situation without you there. Following these guidelines should help you get through those steps.

All of those emotions can cloud your judgment severely so I recommend that you write down the reasons you want to leave beforehand…think about what you don’t like about your current position or what love about your new opportunity. You need to give your current employer two weeks notice, in almost all cases barring any extreme circumstances. Your employer may tell you to leave before your two weeks but you need to offer two weeks. You never know when you’ll run into your former coworkers or employer in the future.

Things change and you may need those people down the road for a reference or even a new job opportunity in the future. If your new employer is encouraging or pressuring you to leave without giving two weeks, that should really raise a red flag about that person. It’s generally a bad practice. You’ll need to type up a brief letter of resignation. You don’t have to go into detail. I recently resigned from my position and I think it included all of two sentences. I said something like, “after careful consideration, I am resigning from my position effective today.

My last day of employment will be…” Typically you’ll turn your resignation into your immediate supervisor. Prepare yourself for an array of reactions, from no reaction to anger, sadness, panic, you name it. I’ve seen supervisors get very upset especially if they are caught off guard. Most often, they’ll simply want to know why. This is where your written reasons will help you tremendously. You should also prepare yourself for your current employer to counter offer if they really want you to stay.

These counter offers can be very tempting but usually I recommend avoiding them all together. For one thing, your employer now knows that you’ve been shopping and when the dust settles, this will stick in their minds. Secondly, you will likely be reminded of the reasons you want to leave in a short time and possibly regret passing up the other opportunity. Of course there are exceptions…I’ve seen companies mold new positions to meet or exceed the offer from the other company. But before this happens, ideally you have spoken with the leadership about your current career goals and given them an opportunity to respond before you quit.

Finally, during your final two weeks, you may be faced with buyer’s remorse, doubts and fear. Additionally, your job may seem rosier than usual because you know you don’t have to put up with the bad bits for much longer, your coworkers may show more appreciation for you and you are suddenly the popular kid. Don’t let this skew your judgment. Just keep reminding yourself of your original reasons for leaving.